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Make commercial property deals smoother with a VAT Loan that unlocks short-term cash flow for your clients.

The flexibility of a VAT Loan can take the pressure
off cash reserves, allowing you to retain working
capital to invest in other important business areas.
As an alternative funding line, it smooths cash flow peaks
and troughs without using up existing funds.

Could this help your clients?

Here’s how it works

Business owners could take the sting out of paying upfront VAT bills on commercial property by taking out a VAT loan with us. Our solution provides a 5 month facility to SMEs, allowing them to retain valuable cash reserves for other important business areas.

We will work with businesses, assessing individual circumstances to decide if a VAT loan would be the right choice.

Example one

▶ £500,000

Example two

▶ £750,000

VAT loans commercial property graphic
VAT loans graphic explained

Please note these examples do not include any additional fees.

Key features

short term

Funding for up to 100% of the VAT bill due to HMRC

No valuation fee

Only available in conjunction with a new Cambridge & Counties Bank commercial loan*

equity release

Maximum 5 month term or until the next rebate is due

Lending criteria

  • VAT loan - Funding up to 100% of the VAT bill due to HMRC
  • Only available for VAT registered businesses taking out a new Cambridge & Counties Bank commercial loan*
  • Commercial loan up to 70% LTV of the open market value, plus an additional linked VAT loan up to 20%, providing a combined maximum 90% LTV inclusive of all fees
  • Maximum term is 5 months from the date of draw down or until the next rebate is due
  • Confirmation that the property purchase is VAT inclusive from the Bank’s Solicitors
  • Confirmation of the amount recoverable and date due from the borrower’s accountant
  • The commercial property purchase is subject to our commercial loan criteria
  • Available in England, Scotland or Wales

*A VAT Loan is not available for commercial bridging and commercial refurbishment loans.

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For properties in Scotland, our minimum loan size is currently £500k, while for the rest of the country, it is £250k. We understand the unique financial landscape in Scotland and, subject to our standard lending criteria (which can be found on our website), we are open to discussions on tailoring finance solutions to meet specific requirements. For enquiries, please send us a message using the form below.

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