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When it comes to climate change, businesses have got an important part to play. In a historic move, the UK government announced the end of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK by 2030. Now is the time to help your business customers step up and drive change.

We finance a variety of pure electric vehicles (PEVs), including:

  • Taxis
  • Cars & fleets
  • Motorbikes
  • Light commercial vehicles (LCVs)
  • Heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs)
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Other assets are also considered on their individual merits.


Good for the planet

Pure electric vehicles eliminate emissions at the tailpipe unlike petrol and diesel vehicles and are central to improving air quality, hitting environmental targets, and creating real change.


Good for your clients

With financial incentives, like government subsidies and reduced vehicle excise duty, your customers could reap plenty of business benefits when switching to electric.

Key features

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Monthly payments can be deferred for the first 3 months*

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No deposit, subject to day one valuation

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Deferred VAT payments (where applicable)

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Credit lines available

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Available to corporates and fleets only

* Interest will continue to be charged throughout the term of the loan and a customer will pay more over the agreement by deferring the payments

Business benefits:**

  • Reclaiming 100% first year allowances on the purchase of a zero emissions vehicle up to April 2025
  • Reduced National Insurance contributions
  • The plug-in car grant to extend the support for the purchase of new qualifying vehicles up to 2022/23

Employees benefits:

  • No car tax for cars under £40k
  • No car fuel benefit charge
  • No city congestion charge or clean air zone charges

** Cambridge & Counties Bank does not give tax, legal, regulatory or accounting advice and you should seek your own independent advice before entering into a transaction. The accounting treatment of a particular product is a matter for agreement between you and your auditors.

Finance options

Hire purchase

Do you have clients that are looking to spread the cost of important capital purchases over time? Take a look at our hire purchase solution.

Finance lease

Are your clients planning to grow and expand their business? Finance lease helps your clients obtain key assets without tying up capital and helps manage cash flow effectively.

No portals. No complex forms. No jargon.

We keep things simple. We have an experienced frontline team who are by your side with the right solutions to help your clients grow.

With us, you’ll get:

  • A manual underwriting process combined with wide market knowledge.
  • Our outstanding customer satisfaction scores.
  • Support through the application process and beyond.

Together we can help businesses and the planet.