Making a positive impact on the communities we are part of is an important part of our culture. Find out how we are trying to make a difference through our work with local charities.

Our contributions are both financial and practical. Yes, we hold bake sales, quizzes and have office whip rounds but our team also take the opportunity to get involved in projects where they can give their time, expertise and compassion.

Helping, even just a little, to improve the world around us gives us a warm glow. It makes us feel a part of the bigger picture but we don’t do it just to make ourselves feel good. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

We want to show our team and the community that we’ll support them when there’s something that means a lot to them. We are a business that not only operates well commercially but one that also has good ethics and an awareness of the world.

At Cambridge & Counties Bank we have a strong heritage of working with charitable organisations but we know we’re a relatively young business and so there’s room for us to strengthen our associations. Over time we’ll grow our connections and deepen our involvement with some of the most deserving charities here in the UK.

To the charities that we work with – thank you. Thanks for allowing us to get involved, it’s a privilege.

Charities we support

Leicestershire Cares

Cambridge & Counties Bank work with and support Leicestershire Cares in a variety of ways – through Community Days, Interview Techniques & Number Partners. We were also privileged to win the award for ‘Team of the Year’ in 2016.

Leicester & Rutland Community Foundation

Cambridge & Counties Bank work with the Leicestershire & Rutland Community Foundation to identify charities that are in need of help within the community we are part of.

Turtle Dove Cambridge

Through the Leicestershire & Rutland Community Foundation, Cambridge & Counties Bank have supported Turtle Dove and the great work they do in getting young women vital work experience since 2016.

Red Balloon

In 2015/2016 Cambridge & Counties Bank provided much needed funds for boxes of equipment and other resources for RBAir students to use in conjunction with their online science sessions.

Warning Zone

Cambridge & Counties Bank have supported Warning Zone for a number of years, initially by supplying workbooks to all attendees to Warning Zone and more recently funding the Warning Zone Road Crew that visit schools educating pupils about online risk


Cambridge & Counties Bank support LOROS in a variety of ways including an Autumn Ball in 2018 raising £15,000 for the charity.

Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland

Cambridge & Counties Bank have supported Leicester Shire & Rutland Age UK since June 2017. We are proud to support the great work they do delivering essential services to older people in the region.

Zinthiya Trust

Cambridge & Counties Bank support the Zinthiya Trust so that they can continue their hard work to alleviate abuse and poverty.

Hope Against Cancer

Cambridge & Counties Bank support Hope Against Cancer so they can continue their vital research for early detection, treatment and prevention of cancer.

Soft Touch Arts

Cambridge & Counties Bank supports Soft Touch Arts who use arts, media and music to engage with and change the lives of disadvantaged young people