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As a responsible lender, we need to carry out a number of checks regarding the financial stability of the firm we are lending to, in addition to individuals associated with the firm.

Due to our manual underwriting process we do not simply decline someone for not meeting all our criteria, and instead assess each application on its own merits.

We offer unregulated lending products to experienced SMEs, including sole traders, partnerships, UK registered limited companies, UK registered limited liability partnerships, charities and trusts.

Please refer to the lending criteria for the product you are interested in, or contact us if you need further help or advice on what you need to provide.

Yes – Please call and speak to one of our asset refinance experts to find out how much capital you may be able to release in the assets that you own outright.

Asset finance can help to:
• Fund expansion plans
• Release finance locked in fixed assets
• Re-finance balloon repayments

We accept new business introductions directly from customers and through our approved network of asset finance brokers.

The financing of assets for business use only over £25,000 is not classified as regulated lending under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Therefore, the asset finance facilities we provide do not have the protection that would otherwise be available under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 or Consumer Credit Act 1974.

We appreciate that whilst we try our best to make sure we meet your expectations, this may not always be possible. For more details on our complaints processes and what to do if you want to make a complaint, please click here. You can also find details on how to make a complaint to the FLA here.

If you would like further information, then please get in touch with a member of our team.

Finance & Leasing Association (FLA)


Why are we members of the FLA?

One of our primary responsibilities as lenders is to protect our customers and their agreements with us. For our Asset Finance customers, we comply with the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) business finance code, which provides greater benefit to asset finance customers.

What does FLA membership mean for our clients?

As part of the FLA, we as lenders meet set standards when providing asset finance to our customers. Compliance with the Business Finance Code is one of these standards. The Business Finance Code is overseen by the FLA’s Business Finance Code Group. This means we will always aim to meet the Code set out by the FLA and in turn ensure we are clear, fair and not misleading in the way we treat our customers and the information we provide.

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