More than one in four women in work claim a lack of belief in their ability is holding them back

25 March 2019
Women working together at Cambridge & Counties Bank

New research, commissioned by specialist bank Cambridge & Counties, reveals 28% of women in work across the country claim a lack of belief in their own ability has held them back in the workplace. To help address this, the bank is encouraging employers to offer more mentoring as this can contribute to helping women realise their full potential at work.

According to the research, 49% of women surveyed believe that their gender has held them back from being considered for senior roles and opportunities. 36% report that the lack of a suitable infrastructure to help support a better work life balance is a key factor preventing women from being hired for senior roles.

In addition, nearly a third (31%) of women in work believe there is an intrinsic bias towards male colleagues, and 32% think a lack of support from senior management is also a stumbling block preventing women from realising their full potential at work. Only 17% of women say their gender is not held back from senior roles.

Currently, Cambridge & Counties Bank board and executive team comprises of 30% and 60% women respectively. As a member of the HM Treasury Women in Finance Initiative, the bank is focused on ensuring that gender balance is reflected at all levels of its operations and is constantly looking to support its female employees and see more of them holding senior roles within the bank.

Rachel Curtis-Bowen, Chief Customer Officer, Cambridge & Counties Bank said:

“Despite the industry’s increased focus on addressing the issues facing women at work, far too many women still feel unable to be fully confident in their abilities, and this is a key factor preventing them from achieving their full potential. One thing all industries and not just financial services can do, is provide mentoring support which can go a long way in helping to bolster the confidence of their employees, and female employees in particular.”

“We recognise the industry has made progress to support women and we now need to continue to consistently champion supportive behaviours and create spaces that remove the barriers that have prevented women from attaining their full potential in the workplace. At Cambridge & Counties Bank this remains a key focus.”