Green Policy

See how we are trying to set an example in looking after the environment around us.

The legislation, regulations and environmental codes of practice are endless; we’ve digested all the information we can from these. The way we work and how we act all contribute to adhering to these important codes.

We’ve minimised our carbon footprint by reducing the energy we use; we only print when we really need to, we turn the light off every time we leave the toilet and make our tea in rounds so we only have to boil the kettle once. What’s more, all the tea and coffee we drink is Fairtrade.

We recycle everything from general office waste to the paper bags our sandwiches come in and the plastic milk bottles we use. We always reuse our stationery and rarely throw anything away or buy new when we can use something we already have.  When we do really have to throw items away everything is recycled or disposed of in a way that won’t pollute our land, air and water.

All our suppliers and subcontractors know how passionate we are about our environmental practices and we encourage them to work in the same way we do.

Every month, we take a measure of all the resources we’re using and if things aren’t looking great we change what we’re doing to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We are accredited by Investors in the Environment (iiE), a not-for-profit accreditation scheme. iiE supports businesses in improving environmental performance and they’ve helped us to get where we are in terms of the good practices we employ. You can see our certification here.

Working towards our Green Accreditation from iiE has been a great way of building on our teamwork together. iiE have moved us on from just talking sustainability to taking action to make it happen. It is an achievement that affects us all, and all of us are proud of what we have done together.
Mike Kirsopp, Chief Executive Officer

We have an annual Green Week to highlight the amount of waste we produce as a business. In our first Green Week, printing was something we noticed we did too much of. Now we’ve managed to reduce the amount we print, simply from us all being much more aware of what we’re doing and the impact it has.

We’re proud of what we do and even more proud to be recognised for our efforts by receiving several awards, including the Green Award for five consecutive years since 2015.

We are committed to maintaining the good progress we’ve already made and we aim to keep raising our standards and increasing our involvement in good environmental practices.