Corporate Social Responsibility

At Cambridge & Counties Bank we aspire to be a good citizen in the corporate world. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integral to the way we do business. We’re mindful of the environmental, social and governance practices we employ and in every aspect of our business we place honesty, integrity and openness at the centre.

We endeavour to develop strong relationships with all those we connect with and nurture those relationships through mutual trust, understanding and respect. We have the utmost respect for our employees, customers and all the other parties we work alongside. We always operate ethically and place high values on the principles of accountability, honesty and integrity.

Being realistic and reasonable about what we intend to deliver is the way we do business. We won’t make commitments if we can’t or don’t intend to keep them. Work with us and you can be assured that you’ll be working with a business that believes in working openly and ethically, there is never a hidden agenda. And when we measure our success, we not only look at our performance in terms of financial criteria but equally we look at how well we’re serving our customers and how engaged our employees are.

We always comply with laws and regulations and we’re always transparent in our financial and regulatory reporting. We continue to be fully involved in industry matters and consistently encourage high standards. Internally, we always adhere to Cambridge & Counties Bank’s internal policies and accepted codes of corporate governance.

We will never facilitate, support, tolerate or condone any form of money laundering. And we will always ensure no unrecorded account, fund or asset will be established or maintained at Cambridge & Counties Bank.